Tank Trouble

tank trouble

General Review

Who let the tanks out?. Who?. Who? Uhm, sorry I got too excited, but this game did this to me. I am sure that your reaction will be the same when you play Tank Trouble for the first time. How can a flash game cause such abnormal reaction in the 2010s? At first, I asked this question to myself when people around me could not stop talking about this game, but from the very second of the gameplay, all questions and doubts disappeared. “Okay, we understood that it is a very cool game, but can you finally tell us what makes it such a hit?” I see this question frozen in your eyes, so I will not torment you. The fact that everything depends on you is the most fascinating about this game. Your skills decide whether you win or lose, not a chance. Physics lies at the base of Tank Trouble and as you know it is an exact science so lucky guys are not welcome here.

Whole gameplay takes place at different labyrinths, which you watch from above. You must take out the enemy tank or tanks and not die in order to get a point. Not to make the game boring, the developers added various weapons to your ammunition. The default one is a cannonball. You can fire 3 of them at once. Collectible weapons are: lase, frag bomb, death ray, RC missile, booby traps, Gatling gun and homing missile. All of them are wonderful and their names tell you what they do, so there is no need to get into details. Better tell you more about the gameplay.

Tank Trouble SWF – Tips and Tricks

laikashead-1As soon as you spawn, the action starts. You should move immediately to avoid getting killed and gain an advantage over the opponent. Move around the maze and use the walls to connect your shots. Some weapons bounce off the wall several times. This is where your skill becomes useful. Adjust your tank the way your bullet finds the nice metal cover of your enemy’s tank and penetrates it.

Depending on the number of people around you, three different game modes are available for you. 1 Player vs Laika (PC), 2 Players on the same computer and 3 players on the same PC. Versus Laika, you can only use the laser as an additional weapon, as it is hard for him to use other ones properly. You might think that beating a dog is not a big deal, but throw that idea away from your head. It is a very tricky opponent and can find unbelievable shots. 2 Player mode is nothing special but 3 Player mode is something that most other flash games do not have. This is because a keyboard is too small for 3 hands. What is the solution? Mouse! Yes, you can move around and fire using the only mouse. From now, if you have two friends with you, one does not have to wait for the winner. He/She can also take part in the action.


The first step towards the victory is to know the controls of the game. I will help you to make this important step.

Player 1: Arrow keys – Move, M – Fire.
Player 2: E/S/D/F – Move, Q – Fire.
Player 3: Mouse – Move, LMB – Fire.

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