Tank Trouble unblocked

tank trouble unblocked

While peeping around corners your main aim will be to shoot another tank. The theme of the game is quite easy, blow up the other guy or else they will blow you up. Tank trouble does not have any deep story line or strategy, so you can jump directly into battle. There are three battle tanks in the game: Red, Blue, and Green. The shells fired by your tank can bounce off the walls. This may give you an edge in destroying the enemy but if you are not careful you may end up terminating your own tank. Up to three people can play Tank Trouble unblocked simultaneously. Other than that there is always an option to play against the computer controlled single opponent.

Some of the level designs of this game may get pretty tricky with tons of boxes, safe corners and a lot of wide open spaces where you are an easy prey. Until you learn your way to utilize these spaces, you will get blown away again and again. This is not just tanks with bouncing shells there are also power-ups which provide the necessary change of pace that keep things interesting. These little bonuses are easy to see with a clearly defined icon, so you know what you are picking. There is also a chain gun mode that will boost your firepower. Rockets are also there which moves in the straight line and explode on impact. If this is not enough then there is a large slow moving highly explosive cannonball for colossal damage.

Tank Trouble unblocked is a unique game in the long list of tank or battle flash games. It is packed with fast paced action that most other games fail to deliver. In all, it is one of the best free flash game that you will find in this niche.