Tank trouble 4

tank trouble 4

Fundamental overview

While surfing online you may come across dozens of tank games available to play in your browser. But have you ever seen a game which simultaneously supports multi-player, next level sound effects, and well-animated interface? You would probably say no because you haven’t played our game, yet. The item we are hosting today supports all the key features needed for an up-to-date tank game. Now let’s go over to a comprehensive discussion of it.
Tank Trouble 4 is one of the greatest tank games that you can ever play with your friends. This game can be played in several game modes, including 1 vs computer, multi-player mode 1vs1 and up to 3 players on the same PC. The game will require your instincts, strategy, coordination, and accuracy to make perfect shots. In this game, your mission is to destroy the enemy before he/she destroys you. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different mazes. Sometimes you might spawn next to your opponent or very close, so never lose the concentration. During the game, some special icons will appear on the map. They are special weapons. Collect them to use against the rival tank. Try to make unexpected shots and disorientate adversary.

What’s new in Tank Trouble 4?

In this version we have three main modes to play, they are single-player, 2-players and 3-players. If you don’t have friends there right now, don’t worry Laika will be your companion! This was made by adding better virtual mind to CPU player. Many players have complained about how hard it is to beat Laika. The developers suggest such people watch special videos on YouTube that will teach them some tricks. Do not worry if the game seems a bit difficult for you. There are numerous mazes so you can experiment with strategies more and more until your skill gets high enough to beat that nasty dog. Another option is to ask your acquaintances for a helping hand. Some of them might give you really useful advice. Filter them and find what fits your gameplay, the most.

Final verdict

Tank Trouble 4 has fully broken the stereotype that playing a flash game against a computer is simple. On the contrary, people were annoyed by the toughness of Laika. The main idea has not changed anyhow. So if the game will be too hard for you, try to play the third part. You will not lose anything by doing so. We kindly hope that you’ll love the game and inform your friends about it so that you can play together!