Tank trouble 3

tank trouble 3

Essential Overview

One can wonder how a tank, such a powerful machine, can get in trouble. For some non-military people, it is indeed a burdensome question. In fact, many things can cause problems to tanks: aviation, bad terrain, mines, etc. Tank Trouble 3 bands some of these problems together and we get an outstanding flash game, which is still pretty popular after so many years. As for gameplay, there is nothing more simple than this. 2 or 3 tanks move on a small, 2D, black and white maze. Each one can fire from different weapons, depending on what they collect. You shoot from an ordinary cannon by default, but other armaments randomly spawn from time to time. Here is the list of power-ups. Death Ray, frag bomb, laser, RC missile, booby trap, Gatling gun and homing missile. All of them have both, advantages and disadvantages in some situations. For example, missiles are useless at long distances, while Death Ray can destroy the enemy tank from any distance and through any obstacle.

Features and benefits of Tank Trouble 3

New is better than the old in most cases, but can we say this about this game? Of course, we can. The developers worked really hard to make third version way better than the previous two. One huge step forward was implementing a single player mode, which was absent in older versions. Because of this, people were able to play the game when their friends or relatives were not around. Also, it became a good way to train the skills before facing a real opponent. Another great enhancement was fixing the annoying lagging and adding a bunch of new maps. An observant person can notice a small “Settings” button on the left-hand side. This is also a new implementation in the game. Now, players can disable some weapons and tweak some mechanics of the tanks. Plus, they can choose whether to play only on the original mazes or on user-created ones, as well.


Tank Trouble 3 is remaining popularity due to right improvements from 2nd version and its uncomplicated and compelling gameplay. Even after the fourth version came out, many people still show their loyalty to a third party. We will be very thankful if you share your thoughts about this game and tell us what you like and do not like about it. Your opinion is very important to us.